Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas busy-ness

I went to go and visit my friend’s two week old baby yesterday; she is such a lovely little poppet! I have been making a smocked dress for her in between baking, shopping, wrapping etc. However I felt so inspired I finished the embroidery part of the dress yesterday and now just have some enjoyable dress-making left to do before I get to my favourite part :sewing the buttons on ...

I have been loving my Christmas baking, mince pies, fairy cakes, star biscuits the only problem is that my permanently hungry children wolf everything down and the cake tin is always empty.I made the pies using Mr Frank Cooper's Port and Cranberry Mincemeat which was very delicious, and I decorated the cakes with snowflakes cut from royal icing with a little mini snowflake cutter.

On the craft business side I sold all my notebooks and corsages at the Waterfront Craft Fair so I have been replenishing stocks, I’ve also made some flowers on hair clips for little girls. I’m rather thrilled with my little sewing kits which I’ve been making and I’ve made a trial run of a needle case, but I think I will make larger ones next time.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I am feeling very slack after I have read so many lovely advent blogs, so I thought I should start one too.Blogger is being rather tricky and uploading a lot of nonsense instead of my nice photos but I think I've sussed out what is happening .
I have been baking, sewing, sticking, and sewing ready for the Waterfront Christmas Fair on Tuesday, not to mention teaching all day for the last two weeks!

I made some gingerbread stars which were very delicious using these cute star cutters from MandS which come in an even nicer tin- how satisfying !

I made this lovely twinkle twinkle garland after looking at Lucy's in Attic 24 and the talented Royal sisters, I'm going to use it to decorate my table on Tuesday...

Lucy's stars look much bigger than mine in her photos I must look again more closely and see if she did more rows. I have also been making gorgeous itty bitty flowers , I have put some on hair slides, and I have made a couple of corsage flower brooches in this lovely purple.

I absolutely love making birdies from attic 24 , I read a blog today from a lady in Australia who was making chooks from the same pattern , I love that we are making the same things so far apart.

I have also been making some covered notebooks for my daughter to give to her friends from scraps of fabrics and some little applique cup cakes, they were so yummy I made some more for my stall.They will sell for 2 or 3 pounds each I think.

These are the very lovely heart shaped keyrings I have been making, I may or may not sell them!

I have bought these perfectly heavenly angels from Michelle the Arts and Crafts Shop so she will unfortunately have two less for her stall!! I loovvve them to bits

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dolly peg angels

Look at these lovely peg dolly angels all ready for the Convent Christmas fair, I was in a bit of a Rapunzel mood with these two, perfect for a little princess...

This one is staying at my house , she is my kitchen angel. I used bay leaves for her wings , her arms are cinnamon sticks and she has a star anise decoration.She smells as lovely as she looks .

This is a blue angel under construction ...

Ta-dah ! A finished blue angel .

A blue fairy with pink hair ( I couldn't decide which colour to make her )

The lovely finished lady

I can't decide if I like pink or blue the best! I'm selling them for 4.50 each. The fair is being held this Thursday at the Convent , from 2pm onwards. I'm also selling other goodies from previous posts on the stall.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Crochet Flowers and my new pin tin

We are having such mild and lovely weather this autumn , but I was very surprised to find that Mr Morrison is selling daffodils already, I never can resist a nice bunch of daffs in my black and white cat jug but it does seem slightly GM in November...

It was my birthday this week and look what my lovely friend Jane sent me, a Cath Kidston
pin tin. I must be one of the few people who get really excited about a pin tin but it is extremely gorgeous and if you press the lid it pops off in a very cute way . Clever Cath and clever Jane for knowing how much I like it .

I started making some crochet flowers and really liked them so I attached one to a granny square then sewed it onto a lavender sachet, I'm selling these in the shop in pink and in blue.

These seem to be my best selling item so far, I made a layered crochet flower then sewed on buttons and seed beads from my boxes, I had to get Mum to send brooch pins from hobby craft because I thought safety pins looked a bit amateurish .I have them in red, blue and of course pink. I have made them in purple and new shades of pink but they're not finished yet. All sell for 5.50 , a bargain I think.

I'm trying not to make any more hearts but I thought a little crochet flower would look so cute on a heart, in fact these might have to live at my house ...

I think these might be popular at the craft fair with the little girls , I have made various pastel shades and matched them to the colour of the hair elastic, I have pink, yellow,blue,lilac and white I'm going to charge 4 pounds for them .

Once I got thinking about hair ornaments I started covering some alice bands in ribbon and sewed some more little flowers on , unfortunately my little girl is too grown up at sophisticated to wear such a thing but I can look back to times when she would have loved them , I still love them but the alice bands I bought are too small for me! 4.50

I'm working on a hair slide using big and small flowers and some peg dolls for the Convent Fair next Thursday afternoon. I'll post them up soon

Monday, November 16, 2009

November goodies

Arts and Crafts Shop, Casemates, Gibraltar

I am so excited my crafted goodies are now on sale in the Arts and Crafts Shop in Casemates, I have a whole red,white and blue theme going on with lots of Union Jacks.( All prices in pounds sterling)

The tea cosies cost 9.50 and at the moment I have the union jack and an " I love tea " design it looks a bit lop sided in this photo but in real life it is beautifully symetrical!

I have two lovely cushions at 25 pounds each with a cottage version of the Union Jack and red and white gingham on the reverse.

I have also made a girly pink version at the same price. (pictured here on my favourite reading chair ) 25 pounds

This is my lovliest cushion so far it has 5 lovely cupcakes each adorned with lace, flower braid and buttons all surounded with a blue gingham surround amd a pink/ pink gingham reverse. Utterly gorgeous in fact I may not sell it ........ 25 pounds

I have made this beautiful wallhanging with pockets which would be perfect in a child's room or maybe a hallway. Everyone tells me it won't sell so I hope they are proved wrong ! It is padded and also interfaced for added stability, and hangs from a piece of Gibraltar branch ( collected from the ground and not from the tree, of course.) It costs 25 pounds.

Next time I will add some photos of my crochet flowers which I am finding more and more uses for !
Louise xx