Saturday, November 21, 2009

Crochet Flowers and my new pin tin

We are having such mild and lovely weather this autumn , but I was very surprised to find that Mr Morrison is selling daffodils already, I never can resist a nice bunch of daffs in my black and white cat jug but it does seem slightly GM in November...

It was my birthday this week and look what my lovely friend Jane sent me, a Cath Kidston
pin tin. I must be one of the few people who get really excited about a pin tin but it is extremely gorgeous and if you press the lid it pops off in a very cute way . Clever Cath and clever Jane for knowing how much I like it .

I started making some crochet flowers and really liked them so I attached one to a granny square then sewed it onto a lavender sachet, I'm selling these in the shop in pink and in blue.

These seem to be my best selling item so far, I made a layered crochet flower then sewed on buttons and seed beads from my boxes, I had to get Mum to send brooch pins from hobby craft because I thought safety pins looked a bit amateurish .I have them in red, blue and of course pink. I have made them in purple and new shades of pink but they're not finished yet. All sell for 5.50 , a bargain I think.

I'm trying not to make any more hearts but I thought a little crochet flower would look so cute on a heart, in fact these might have to live at my house ...

I think these might be popular at the craft fair with the little girls , I have made various pastel shades and matched them to the colour of the hair elastic, I have pink, yellow,blue,lilac and white I'm going to charge 4 pounds for them .

Once I got thinking about hair ornaments I started covering some alice bands in ribbon and sewed some more little flowers on , unfortunately my little girl is too grown up at sophisticated to wear such a thing but I can look back to times when she would have loved them , I still love them but the alice bands I bought are too small for me! 4.50

I'm working on a hair slide using big and small flowers and some peg dolls for the Convent Fair next Thursday afternoon. I'll post them up soon

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