Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dolly peg angels

Look at these lovely peg dolly angels all ready for the Convent Christmas fair, I was in a bit of a Rapunzel mood with these two, perfect for a little princess...

This one is staying at my house , she is my kitchen angel. I used bay leaves for her wings , her arms are cinnamon sticks and she has a star anise decoration.She smells as lovely as she looks .

This is a blue angel under construction ...

Ta-dah ! A finished blue angel .

A blue fairy with pink hair ( I couldn't decide which colour to make her )

The lovely finished lady

I can't decide if I like pink or blue the best! I'm selling them for 4.50 each. The fair is being held this Thursday at the Convent , from 2pm onwards. I'm also selling other goodies from previous posts on the stall.

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