Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas busy-ness

I went to go and visit my friend’s two week old baby yesterday; she is such a lovely little poppet! I have been making a smocked dress for her in between baking, shopping, wrapping etc. However I felt so inspired I finished the embroidery part of the dress yesterday and now just have some enjoyable dress-making left to do before I get to my favourite part :sewing the buttons on ...

I have been loving my Christmas baking, mince pies, fairy cakes, star biscuits the only problem is that my permanently hungry children wolf everything down and the cake tin is always empty.I made the pies using Mr Frank Cooper's Port and Cranberry Mincemeat which was very delicious, and I decorated the cakes with snowflakes cut from royal icing with a little mini snowflake cutter.

On the craft business side I sold all my notebooks and corsages at the Waterfront Craft Fair so I have been replenishing stocks, I’ve also made some flowers on hair clips for little girls. I’m rather thrilled with my little sewing kits which I’ve been making and I’ve made a trial run of a needle case, but I think I will make larger ones next time.


  1. Merry Cristmas.

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog Louise, I will follow along with you too, your crafty items are beautiful! Kim