Thursday, January 28, 2010

Arts and Crafts Shop

We have been having big tidy up sessions at the Arts and Crafts Shop and it is looking really lovely. We are ever so proud of it!
We have a lovely Valentine’s Day section with products so lovely they should be skipping out of the door by their selves- where are the customers hiding I wonder?

I am rather chuffed with my section, looks so pretty.

I remembered to take a photo of the LOVE tea-cosy, and I made some cards while I was feeling inspired with a similar design.

Michelle W made these lovely boxes with the SWALK design (sealed with a loving kiss of course)

Michelle S made this lovely box, so clever…

It has been raining so much I have considered putting photos of my umbrella collection in my Project 365! However the chap on the radio promises good weather for the next few days even at the weekend- Hurrah!

My crochet project has come on well during this rainy spell but I would be quite glad to get out and about again.

We have been enjoying comfort food (meat and potato pie – low-carb?!)

...but some good weather could easily bring on the need for something fresh and lemony with some goats cheese and thyme. Come on clouds- move over!


  1. Everything looks so neat and tidy you've got some lovely things and I just love that pie with the little birdie poking his nose out. Thanks dor your comments Lucey xx

  2. OOOH the crafts look delicious! Wish I was there to have a browse!! Its definitely pie weather over here, can't stop snacking its too cold!!! Bad consequences once spring comes and my clothes don't fit!!!! **Kim**

  3. Hi Louise, the hearts pattern I got from a blog called Bella Dia, the link is on my blog I think it is its a lovely pattern and you can embellish it how you want. Let me know how you get on **Kim**

  4. Your section in the shop is looking so lovely! I think everything will sell this coming week. I know with myself I can't think about Valentines day until feb rolls round. Your crochet rug is looking great too. Thanks for your support with my auction on my blog.

  5. Oh, your section is terrific!