Monday, January 18, 2010

Day out in Tarifa

We had a really perfect day out on Saturday. It has RAINED here endlessly but on Saturday we managed to have a dry wekend day so we packed our picnic things and headed off to one of our favourite places- Tarifa.We stopped on the way to buy a kilo of country bread from a lovely old lady. Then off to Tarifa town for coffee, window shopping and general mooching.

The locals leave their doors to their patios open allowing nosy people like me to peek inside, so beautiful.

Later we headed for the coast and had our picnic in the pine woods,hubby and kids played cricket(bemused locals looking on) while I had a few minutes peace and tried out a new crochet pattern.

A walk on the beach was in order, the storms had washed up wonderful shells and not many people had been on the beach picking them up. The other folk on the beach were too engrossed in their surfing/fishing activities.

The views are so perfect in Tarifa and the sand just the right colour and texture-how we love it.


  1. Love the photos. I had no idea at all of what Gibraltar looked like or what the weather was like now

  2. It looks really lovely - I can't imagine crocheting outside and having a picnic this time of the year. Isn't the crochet blocks book great? Thank you for the comment on my blog.

  3. Hi, thanks for visiting me. You have a nice blog, and Gibraltar looks like a wonderful place to live (and warmer than here..)