Saturday, January 23, 2010

Herb shopping and sewing

Although I have been stopping by and reading what everyone else has been up to (get well soon Cyn!) I haven’t updated my own page this week because I have been having cat dramas! My lovely boy Oliver has been in the vet hospital for a few days with a urine infection; he had to have a drip in his paw and a catheter and was extremely unimpressed with both. Poor puss. However he is back home and making up for lost sleep. I am still recovering from the bill!

You can see he still looks a bit under-happy.

I have been trying to make lots of things so that I have some stock by the time the summer comes. I have been making lots more tea cosies and little aprons.

I have added a new line in needle books which I am rather pleased with. They are going to sell at £5.50 each. I have cut some out in more colours to sew up next.

I have also been prettying up some tea towels but can’t find any more the same to make more. Hmmm-hand towels next maybe?

Look at these lovely herbs I bought in Spain yesterday. Only a euro for this lovely bunch of bay leaves…

…And a big handful of rosemary for the same price. Next time I am going to write up the recipe for Pollo Ajillo (chicken in garlic) and rosemary features highly in this lovely dish.

These delectable veggies...

were turned into this...

by my talented hubbie. It is a chicken tagine with lots of lovely cumin and cinnamon.
I can smell it just looking at the photo. So delicious ! We had it with heaps of cous cous which makes the little people very happy .Let me know if you would like the recipe I can send it.xx


  1. Would LOVE the recipe! Also the recipe for chicken in garlic....rosemary is one of my favorite herbs. One day soon I will be back in the kitchen cooking....I can hardly wait! Meanwhile, baby steps!
    If you want to send it to my e-mail, here is my address:

  2. Hello Louise
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm glad that you enjoyed the little tour of No21.
    Your coucous looks delicious! Just as Farmgirl Cyn says, I'd love to have the recipe please...unless it's a family secret recipe of course...;-))
    The tea cosy is absolutely gorgeous!
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x