Thursday, February 11, 2010

Crochet square maths

Last week my big granny square blanket ran out of wool so it had to stay in the work bag,

... however I had some turquoise and turquoise mix that I had been wondering what to do with so I started making little squares and seeing how many different combinations I could make with 3 colours and 3 rows. No doubt there is a formula for working these things out but I'm not clever at maths...

Anyway it turned out to be quite a few,then I started sewing them together into little strips ( and sewing all those little ends in )

Then I joined my little strips and went round the edge a few times

But now I can't decide if I should sew it to some nice fabric or make a reverse in a different pattern. Hmmm...

I found some sweet little alice bands in the supermarket this week and I've matched some sweet little flowers to the colour of the band.I will sell them at the craft fair if I don't give them away first! The little girls who live downstairs would look very sweet in them.

I'm going to the wool shop this morning to have a little stock up, hope they have some lovely colours.
Happy hooking x


  1. I love the colours of the turquoise blue & white granny squares. Really like your alice bands! What a great idea.

    Good luck at the craft fair.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  2. Your squares are in great colours and the alice bands are really pretty -lovely ideas and I have just caught up with your previous post and the needle cases and crochet hook storage are so great - you have been busy! **Kim**x

  3. Brilliant, I've just started to crochet last week, I've now put the granny squares for my cushion on hold to make a blanket for my husbands newphews forthcoming baby!

    Hugs RosieP x