Friday, February 19, 2010

Making Skirts

I have been making skirts from this lovely book.

It has a very pleasingly retro look about it, I love the drawings...

It shows you how to cut your own simple pattern based on your measurements, so the skirt fits PERFECTLY.It's not as difficult as it sounds -Really!

I've just finished making one in an embroidered denim that I bought in Malaga.

The cat is not strictly part of the process but they do like to be photographed...

I made a plain black one before Christmas with circles applique Boden style.

At the end of last summer I whizzed up a couple in cheerful cotton that I bought on Market stalls.

I really like the ricrac hems on these.

I'm on the look out now for new spring fabrics, I fancy something in purple but I think it must be out of fashion as I can't find anything yet. Maybe in England...

Have a nice weekend, we have Scout Parade tomorrow morning. What fun !!


  1. Wow!! They are all lovely but I specially like the Boden style one!!! I wish I could sew!! You clever thing!!!

  2. Hi Louise, what a brilliant book is it current could I get it on Amazon? My friend and I were saying the other day it would be good to tackle some skirts for the summer and there are so many patterns its difficult to choose but this book really appeals to me and the skirts you have made are excellent! **Kim**x

  3. Those skirts are lovely!
    Thank you for leaving a comment at my blog, us cat mummies understand their joining in/interfering ways!
    Ali X

  4. Hello Louise,
    These skirts are very interesting. I used to do a lot of dressmaking years ago of course when I was younger! I have a sewing machine, you are inspiring me to get it out again! They really have come out beautifully. I love the fabric.
    Thanks for doing me some squares, I'll really look forward to receiving them! Have a good day
    Hugs and Love Suex

  5. Hi Louise I have ordered the book from Amazon - if they turn out half as nice as yours, I will be thrilled. Thanks **Kim**x

  6. Hi Louise
    I'm just popping over to say thanks so much for the beautiful, beautiful squares!! They arrived this morning, and I've taken some photos. Just going to put them on to Flickr! Are you on Flickr? I'll be posting on to my blog too. Thanks so much!! Can't thank you enough!!
    Hugs and LOve Suex

  7. thank you for the lovely hearts for the red heart event xxxx