Friday, February 5, 2010

Sewing and stitching

I am on a sewing high this week; I haven't been called to any schools, my sewing machine is back from the sewing machine hospital( having recovered fully from it's illness) and I have so many ideas I can't decide which to make next.

I have made little needlebooks-

And little tissue holders-

And little pin cushions to go on the end of scissors-

My favourite new product is the crochet hook holder. I get particularly over-excited about things that are ever-so-nicely stored away. Possibly I need some kind of therapy !

Sadly a local haberdashery shop is closing down today. What a shame. However I have consoled myself by spending rather a lot on half price ribbons.Aren't they lovely?

AND even more thrilling I think
FLOWERY BIAS BINDING- only 20p a metre. Now that has to be useful for something doesn't it?

I got a couple of commisions for knitting needle holders at craft club this morning, and I am going to a Craft Fair next weekend at Ocean Village. I am still aiming to make more from my craft than I spend!

These buttons were only 75 centimos in a bazaar in Spain, no-one can complain about that ! I love all their lovely cheerful colours.

Still thinking of a boy craft... the idea of applique on a t-shirt got a big thumbs down from my boy ( he is 9 and he knows what he likes), the applique on the underpants idea got a screech of outrage! So, I'm still thinking and sketching...

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  1. They all look so lovely, but I really love the crochet hook holder wrap. Like having things neat & tidy