Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Making T-shirts

All the crafters I know here in Gibraltar keep telling me I need to make some Gibraltar souvenirs for the summer visitors. However , I love to make things pretty and couldn't bear to spoil the look of a piece by marking GIBRALTAR across it.

Luckily, I have discovered the delights of computer transfer paper. You can put photos, text , anything...( it is important to find the print option which produces a mirror image)and then it's just a little snipping and a few seconds with a hot iron. Absolutely "pipsqueak"!

I'm excited about the possibilities of what I could print and simply iron-on, but for now I'm very happy to have produced a tasteful range of children's T-shirts. They do include the word Gibraltar but in a nice font and a subtle colour.

Truthfully, I would like them better without the G-word, but it's true people want to buy gifts and souvenirs from the places they visit.I know I am very susceptible to requests from my children to buy those kind of things.

I'm going to test them out at an Easter Craft Fair at Ocean Village on Saturday, then put them on sale at the Cruise liner terminal shop. I do hope they sell well!

I can't resist this photo...nothing to do with usual Oliver can't keep his black and white nose out of any craft photography sessions...

But he's definitely not for sale!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring is in the air

My lovely boy is feeling really well now and shall be known henceforth as lively boy. So today we decided to head into Spain and into the countryside so he could burn off some energy.

I love to see him enjoying the great outdoors, I'm looking forward to the Easter holidays and getting out and about some more.

Today the sun was shining the birds were singing and I saw lots of flowers that I haven't seen yet this year.

The good thing about all the never ending rain we have had (five times our yearly average already) is that we are having a really green and beautiful spring.

I can't remember seeing the country side such a lovely shade of green before! At this time of year I like to drive along by the railway lines because the storks make their nests on the pylons and sit in pairs anxiously awaiting the birth of the baby storks. They look so domestic!

We brought home a branch from one of the felled trees in the forest and this afternoon we set up our Easter tree- a favourite tradition at our house .

I love Easter ...we have Palm Sunday tomorrow, we have real palm leaves at our church. Then during holy week we have the processions to look forward to in Spain.

The statues are carried through the streets accompanied by hundreds of followers, it is really special and beautiful. I hope to post some of my own photos next week( and some craft as well).
Hope you get to enjoy palm Sunday where you are.

Louise x

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ready to post

I've finished the pin cushion(s) for posting.

I made a needle book as well because the pin cushions were so small. I had such a nice time making them ! I don't embroider commercial items so it was a real treat for me. It's just a bit of chain stitch and some lazy daisies but I am so happy with them !

Blue and white are such a nice combination, those willow pattern designers knew what they were at didn't they?

I am a bit tired because my lovely boy is a poorly boy and I have spent the last two nights staggering around with botttles of Calpol and wet flannels trying to bring his temperature down. The doctor says it is viral but I wonder if it is tonsilitis, we may go back tomorrow...

I have some lovely new things I have made to show you so I will come back later in the week when I have a bit more strength, and have had a bit more sleep.

Louise x

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pretty Pincushions

I am taking part in Kate's pin cushion swap at Foxs Lane. I've made a fair few pin cushions in my time but I fancied something ...different...pretty...small,

so I followed a long bloggy trail and happened across the Craft Stylish website and I found these...

Aren't they lovely !!??

This is where you can find all the instuctions, you only need a bottle top and a bit of felt.

How to Make Pretty Pincushions - CraftStylish

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These are my own creations, one from a milk bottle top and one from a water bottle.
I enjoyed them so much I have to restrain myself from taking the lids off things that aren't even empty!

I nearly ruined one by running out of green thread before it was finished,because I used a little scrappy bit I had left over. Why do I do that ? I have heaps of embroidery silk in skeins, why do I get so thrifty with bits of cotton and yet seriously consider buying a new handbag for £40 from Cath Kidston...

Have a lovely creative weekend! Louise x

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lovely weekend

Did you have a nice weekend? If you were celebrating Mother's Day I hope it was a good one. I was awoken good and early (!) with cards and presents,then tea and toast. The tea and the toast both hot! My lovlies are 9 and 13 now so the days of cold tea that they found in the pot are mercifully past...

We went for a little drive to admire the view from the top of the rock. I never tire of the enormous view from up there, of course so much nicer with blue sky than all those sulky grey clouds.

On Saturday the sky was blue too, we headed off to Bolonia, (past Tarifa to the West of Gibraltar). We had a wander round the Roman ruins there, it was a Tuna fishing community famous for making Garum. Garum, it seems, is a sort of Roman ketchup made from fish heads and entrails that they left to rot in the sun with olive oil, honey and spices. Sounds delicious ...You can see the sort of tanks where it was made below.

It's amazing to think families were walking around that town and on the beach 2200 years ago just like we were on Saturday.

I'm doing a craft fair at St Andrew's Church this Saturday so I've been making these with my trusty sewing machine. They are glasses cases and I've lined them with a nice bit of pink flannel. The sort that winter nightdresses used to be made of. It is very soft to keep the glasses nice and clean. I offered to make one for Mr B (who is always looking for his glasses )but he's not too keen unless I find a different coloured lining!

I'm leaving you with a photo of Tippy cat. He hardly ever poses for a photo but I caught him sunbathing on the window sill. He's 18 and a bit daft but we love him.
In human years he would be over 100, he's entitled to be a bit forgetful at that age!

Have a great week xx

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Crochet edgings and blue sky

I thought I'd finish off the last post and add a photo of my baby blanket. It's a square of fleece that measures about 70cm. I worked a simple edging using the lovely bamboo yarn.It's very easy indeed...

Make 4 chain, in the third chain from the hook make a treble,then repeat until it is long enough. That could possibly be the shortest pattern ever couldn't it?

I added a few flowers (Lucy has a similar pattern at Attic 24) and sewed them and the edging on by hand while Mr B was watching the football.

Fleece fabric is so warm and washable I think they'll be popular. I'm going to do one with some lilac trimmings next.

We've had two lovely dry sunny days this week which has cheered us all up no end,it's amazing how blue sky lifts your mood.

I saw hundreds of wild freesias yesterday the smell was amazing!

I hope you have a good week too!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Crochet shopping

Well, I'm back home in rainy Gibraltar. I had a lovely DRY week in England, blue skies, sunshine but very cold indeed ! Wintery blue sky, lovely.

You won't be surprised to hear I didn't risk my crochet hook on the plane (although I think a chunky one would be OK because you can take pens etc...)
I had such a nice time in Hobbycraft, such choice. I bought lots of nice things- I bet you're not surprised about that either.

I had never heard of bamboo yarn, I still can't imagine how it's possible, but it has a lovely silky texture and babybamboo by Sirdar comes in lovely colours.It's really nice and smooth to work with.

I couldn't resist this tweedy looking wool, I'd like to make something to wear with it.I thought perhaps a shawl or a scarf, suggestions welcome...

I did notice that some of the little craft shops I knew have disappeared, I wonder if they have lost out to Hobbycraft and that made me feel a bit guilty.Next time I'm going to ferret out some little shops.

I'm delighted with the two crochet magazines I found in the newsagent. One English, one American and what's more I've finally worked out how to translate American stitches into English thanks to the handy guide in the back of the magazine.

There are so many tempting projects I don't know where to start.

In the Charity Second hand book shop I found the charmingly retro Crochet pattern book.

Lots of filet crochet using cotton and a teeny hook, I have been practising but I prefer something a little more substantial to work with like 4 ply or double knitting.

I am rather inspired by the idea of making crochet edgings for towels and things.I made a set of towels with edgings for my Nan while I was visiting and I have an idea for a baby blanket that I'm trying out.I'll show you soon how it's going on.