Monday, March 8, 2010

Crochet shopping

Well, I'm back home in rainy Gibraltar. I had a lovely DRY week in England, blue skies, sunshine but very cold indeed ! Wintery blue sky, lovely.

You won't be surprised to hear I didn't risk my crochet hook on the plane (although I think a chunky one would be OK because you can take pens etc...)
I had such a nice time in Hobbycraft, such choice. I bought lots of nice things- I bet you're not surprised about that either.

I had never heard of bamboo yarn, I still can't imagine how it's possible, but it has a lovely silky texture and babybamboo by Sirdar comes in lovely colours.It's really nice and smooth to work with.

I couldn't resist this tweedy looking wool, I'd like to make something to wear with it.I thought perhaps a shawl or a scarf, suggestions welcome...

I did notice that some of the little craft shops I knew have disappeared, I wonder if they have lost out to Hobbycraft and that made me feel a bit guilty.Next time I'm going to ferret out some little shops.

I'm delighted with the two crochet magazines I found in the newsagent. One English, one American and what's more I've finally worked out how to translate American stitches into English thanks to the handy guide in the back of the magazine.

There are so many tempting projects I don't know where to start.

In the Charity Second hand book shop I found the charmingly retro Crochet pattern book.

Lots of filet crochet using cotton and a teeny hook, I have been practising but I prefer something a little more substantial to work with like 4 ply or double knitting.

I am rather inspired by the idea of making crochet edgings for towels and things.I made a set of towels with edgings for my Nan while I was visiting and I have an idea for a baby blanket that I'm trying out.I'll show you soon how it's going on.


  1. Welcome back! You bought some lovely things!! I saw that Bamboo 'wool' in our local wool shop, it's really nice! I love the retro crotchet book you found too!!

  2. Hello darling thanks so much for visiting my cottage and for the kind well wishes you left behind, much appreciated. Luv, your blog is bursting at the seams with creativity, colour and beauty. I am delighted that our blogs crossed, now I have a lovely world to visit on daily basis.

    Love & Hugs

  3. Welcome home... pleased to hear you had a great time at your other home... Your little buy up, looks like it was great fun... I can't believe I have some of that Escape wool - just about the same colour... I want to make a shawl/scarf thingo I have the pattern of... it is like a scarf in the font with long tails & pockets on the end & the back goes into a triangle like a shawl... looks rather an easy pattern... made a beanie out of it last year so want to get the other made before or by April... it will last me for the next 20 years as we don't get too much winter where I am...ha ha.
    I also just adore that bamboo wool & it's a dream to work with... I like to make premmie baby beanies out of it... hope we get some more 'full on colours' this year as last year they were a bit dready looking.
    Thanks for popping over to my Place & having a gander... please come again... OOroo... B

  4. Glad you're back, can't wait to see all you finished projects.

    Hugs RosieP x

  5. Pretty yarn :) I'd love to be able to Crochet! x

  6. The bamboo yarn does look yummy, I must investigate it a bit further.
    Totally support your comment about local yarn shops. They may be a bit dear than the biggies, but we will miss them dreadfully if they were to close

  7. We've recently had a Hobby Craft opened by us. Couple of miles, before we had to go 20 miles. They have a great selection of wool in there. You certainly had a good find at the Charity shop. I like these older books. As for the edging you did. I remember when I first got married 27years ago, buying cheap pink curtains from Allied Carpets and doing white edging. They looked so pretty, in fact I went and did all the other curtains upstairs too. It makes such a difference.
    Great post Louise.