Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lovely weekend

Did you have a nice weekend? If you were celebrating Mother's Day I hope it was a good one. I was awoken good and early (!) with cards and presents,then tea and toast. The tea and the toast both hot! My lovlies are 9 and 13 now so the days of cold tea that they found in the pot are mercifully past...

We went for a little drive to admire the view from the top of the rock. I never tire of the enormous view from up there, of course so much nicer with blue sky than all those sulky grey clouds.

On Saturday the sky was blue too, we headed off to Bolonia, (past Tarifa to the West of Gibraltar). We had a wander round the Roman ruins there, it was a Tuna fishing community famous for making Garum. Garum, it seems, is a sort of Roman ketchup made from fish heads and entrails that they left to rot in the sun with olive oil, honey and spices. Sounds delicious ...You can see the sort of tanks where it was made below.

It's amazing to think families were walking around that town and on the beach 2200 years ago just like we were on Saturday.

I'm doing a craft fair at St Andrew's Church this Saturday so I've been making these with my trusty sewing machine. They are glasses cases and I've lined them with a nice bit of pink flannel. The sort that winter nightdresses used to be made of. It is very soft to keep the glasses nice and clean. I offered to make one for Mr B (who is always looking for his glasses )but he's not too keen unless I find a different coloured lining!

I'm leaving you with a photo of Tippy cat. He hardly ever poses for a photo but I caught him sunbathing on the window sill. He's 18 and a bit daft but we love him.
In human years he would be over 100, he's entitled to be a bit forgetful at that age!

Have a great week xx


  1. Hi Louise,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.
    I'm all behind, I have been having trouble with my blog. Spent all day yesterday trying to suss it out. The blog roll went down into the deep blue sea! Found out it was the text box I had installed. I deleted it and everything whizzed back. So easy when you know what to look for. I don't find Blogger help particularly helpful.
    Anyway, lets get back to you. Those photographs are wonderful. Dad always had fantastic memories of Gibraltar when he was in the Navy. He bought mom a green blouse from there, she hated it. She often talks about it.
    Best of luck with your craft at the weekend.
    Ooh by the way, I'll only be a few days with the blanket. Your squares are in it!
    So look out for it won't you?
    Hugs and Love,

  2. Tippy looks soo handsome sitting in the sunshine, sounds like youn had a lovely mothers day being spoilt with tea and toast in bed, Lucey xx

  3. Sounds like you had a great day Louise - hot tea and toast - really special! The view from the top of the rock is amazing - I have a flown into Gibraltar a couple of times - I found it not for the faint hearted! round the rock and the short runway!!! By the way, love the glasses cases, hope the sale goes well. I really need to service my sewing machine, I would like to start to make those skirts - sadly diet going terribly so may have to make a bigger size ugh! **Kim**x

  4. Sounds like a great day out!!! I love the specs cases - I could do with a couple myself!! Just bought some more reading glasses and they don't come with a case!!!

  5. Hi! Just thought I'd pop and say hi! What a sweet blog you have!

  6. Thanks for sharing the photos of Gibraltar. I had no idea the area was that old

  7. I think I'll take tomato ketchup!!!!
    I've posted the floor quilt stand on my blog - thanks for stopping by asking! Have a good day at the craft fair.