Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ready to post

I've finished the pin cushion(s) for posting.

I made a needle book as well because the pin cushions were so small. I had such a nice time making them ! I don't embroider commercial items so it was a real treat for me. It's just a bit of chain stitch and some lazy daisies but I am so happy with them !

Blue and white are such a nice combination, those willow pattern designers knew what they were at didn't they?

I am a bit tired because my lovely boy is a poorly boy and I have spent the last two nights staggering around with botttles of Calpol and wet flannels trying to bring his temperature down. The doctor says it is viral but I wonder if it is tonsilitis, we may go back tomorrow...

I have some lovely new things I have made to show you so I will come back later in the week when I have a bit more strength, and have had a bit more sleep.

Louise x


  1. Oh dear I do hope he recovers soon. A lot of colds, bad throads etc. going around.
    These little pin cushions are beautiful Louise.
    Really deicate stitching, you've made a nice job of them.
    Are you on Flickr photos? I'm playing a game over there with the Blanket I've just made. 'Across the Oceans'. I'm asking everyone to put 'add note' on their square. If you're not on Flickr sadly you wont be able to play. You could try maybe if I give you the link. YOu have two squares on there which need 'add note' on them. I could always do it for you, but that would be a shame.
    Get better soon,
    Hugs and Love Suex

  2. Oh dear, I do hope Lovely Boy is better soon!!
    I love the pin cushions and needle book, they are so pretty!! Blue and white is such a great combination, you are right!!!

  3. Lovely! I love your colour choice and design!
    Hope you get some decent sleep and your boy gets over being poorly soon, don't doctors always call child illnesses viral. I wonder if it is doctor speak for 'yes they are very poorly but we don't know what with.
    Sending you cyber tea and cake!

  4. The pincushions are so sweet. Well done!!!!
    Good luck with your son

  5. Oh hope your baby feels better soon!
    The makes look so pretty! Blue and white is my favourite!

  6. Love the pin cushions and needlecase, and such pretty embroidery Lucey xx

  7. Hope your son is feeling better now, Louise. x

  8. Wow, your embroidery is exquisite. I love the needle book!

    I hope your son is healthy again!

  9. Sorry ot hear about your little one. :( I sur hope he is better... Love your pin cushions... Debb

  10. Hi: Pin cushions are lovely. I will say a prayer for your son. Blessings, Martha

  11. Hello Louise,

    you make wonderfull thinks.
    i wish you a nice pasen to.

    greatings from the nederlands send you conny

  12. hi Louise,
    i am Rachana ,i am an artist ,crafter,crocheterand a Doctor.
    i loved seeing your handmade beauties.
    this is one of the cutest needle book and pin cushions i have seen and the blue and white are such lovely colours to combine.
    happy crafting
    Greetings from india