Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring is in the air

My lovely boy is feeling really well now and shall be known henceforth as lively boy. So today we decided to head into Spain and into the countryside so he could burn off some energy.

I love to see him enjoying the great outdoors, I'm looking forward to the Easter holidays and getting out and about some more.

Today the sun was shining the birds were singing and I saw lots of flowers that I haven't seen yet this year.

The good thing about all the never ending rain we have had (five times our yearly average already) is that we are having a really green and beautiful spring.

I can't remember seeing the country side such a lovely shade of green before! At this time of year I like to drive along by the railway lines because the storks make their nests on the pylons and sit in pairs anxiously awaiting the birth of the baby storks. They look so domestic!

We brought home a branch from one of the felled trees in the forest and this afternoon we set up our Easter tree- a favourite tradition at our house .

I love Easter ...we have Palm Sunday tomorrow, we have real palm leaves at our church. Then during holy week we have the processions to look forward to in Spain.

The statues are carried through the streets accompanied by hundreds of followers, it is really special and beautiful. I hope to post some of my own photos next week( and some craft as well).
Hope you get to enjoy palm Sunday where you are.

Louise x


  1. I am so glad that your lovely/lively boy is better. I love the gorgeous photographs of the flowers, and the stork photo is just amazing!!! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. Brilliant pictures! Good to see your boy enjoying himself outside; boys, mud, sunshine and sticks just go so well don't they :)
    I cannot wait for the Easter holidays either. Time off the school run to be spent chilling with the kids...fab! :) Xx

  3. Just caught up with you Louise - sorry to hear your boy has been ill but glad he is a lot more lively - love to see the pictures of the Storks - how special thanks for sharing. Loved the pin cushion and embroidery from you last post too. Very pretty. Take care and have a fab Easter **Kim**x

  4. Hi Thanks for your message,I have just logged on and my followers and comments have returned thank goodness. I love your pincushions and am now following your blog
    Best wishes
    Sue x

  5. I've enjoyed catching up with your posts. You have been a busy bee!
    How nice to see the storks like that. A rare site.
    You are lucky to have those colourful flowers out, our garden is very late in flowering this year. Still waiting for our daffodils to pop out.
    Glad to hear that your son is better.
    The processions must be quite a site, I remember some going through my Aunt & grandmother's village in Belgium when I was a child.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x