Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Working Woman

I am adjusting to a new rhythm in my life,after 8 months of having my shower after I've got the children off to school, I'm now leaving the house at 8am (ouch). However I am loving my new class , they are very sweet and lots of fun- I wish I could show you a picture of their smiling faces. You will just have to imagine !There are 30 of them aged around 4.
We are still getting to know each other but I am working with two great teaching assistants who know how all the routines, they keep me in line !
I have also decided to hang in there with the liner port and the Arts and Craft shop in the afternoons. I took 6 of the T-shirts I posted about recently to the liner port shop on Sunday and sold 3 in the first 2 hours.Yippee....!!!

At last... I might even make some money from my craft business....
The Oceania was in today- what a huge ship. One lovely American gentleman told me he was with his "chronologically challenged " friends. They had been cruising for 5 weeks...I want to do that when I am "chronologically challenged"!

In response to Kimbles' posting about her workspace, I am posting a couple of pictures of my "Creative Space". This is where I write my letters to you, I admit to a little tidying up before I took the photo! If you notice the very large dictionaries below the desk, my hubbie is a translator, they are his "tools of the trade". The computer is tucked into a corner of our sitting room because I don't like the kids going on-line where I can't see what they are up to.

This is my space where I make things, it has a nice bright light over it, a good view of the tv...and a cat...

My tools of the trade all tuck nicely into my crochet basket!
Louise xx


  1. 30 four year olds will keep you young! I think it's one of my favorite ages.

  2. So pleased you have a nice class, I bet you love going into school everyday.
    ARen't they just lovely at that age.
    OOh, thanks for showing us your space.We had great fun the other day exchanging photographs. I love your corner desk, very posh! Nice and tidy. I see you have your Crocheting to hand as well.
    Well done to you!
    Pleased also you did well with your sales!
    Hugs and Love Suex

  3. Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment, its lovely to meet new blogging friends. Good luck with all those 4 year olds. xxx

  4. Scooter and I love to cruise. I had no clue you lived so close to a port. Oceania is a very nice line. We are mostly Holland, Celebrity or Princess. I'm not sure they have any that stop in Gibraltar. I would buy one of your shirts that's for sure.

    I have to clean my desk a little too, before I show mine.... Lately, my work space is outside.

    Kate - xoxoxo

  5. Good luck with all the tiynies!
    And well done with the t shirts they really are pretty!

  6. So glad you're enjoying it. As Kel said well done with the t shirts.

    Hugs RosieP x

  7. So glad you are enjoying your new job! Good news about your T shirts too!!!

  8. I hope you had a good day with your little ones Louise!
    Just stopping by to say I have listed your idea on SIBOL.
    Flowers now!
    Hope you'll have time!!
    Enjoy yourself.
    Love Suex

  9. I am sure that I am already ready to join the "chronologically challenged cruisers" ☺
    Wonderful age to "play" with children - you will stay young until they wear you totally out

  10. Hope that your job goes well and that you enjoy it!Well done on selling some of your lovely things too..
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x

  11. Just stopping by to say I hope you are still enjoying your class!
    Are they being good for you?
    Love to you Suex