Sunday, May 16, 2010

The African flower bag.

I have been browsing around on flickr and I have been inspired by all of these lovely bags. If you click here you can go to my flickr gallery and see all the origionals and follow the photo streams of all the clever creators.

They are made by...
Mia ( 4 and 5)
eclectic gypsyland (1)
room on the left (6)
frualbertssons (3)
just be happy crochet(2)
kimbles (8)
dutzie (9)
Elizabeth cat (7)

I have examined all the shapes, patterns,linings,handles,edgings- I love them all- but I didn't want to copy any one of them.

I joined the hexagons using a double crochet seam on the reverse, and made a front and bag of approximately the right size and shape,

then joined some hexagons at the sides so that you can see half from each side. I found that quite hard to sort out for some reason.

I worked an edging using all the colours from the flowers, the edging carries on into the handles, which was something I wanted to incorporate.

I added a lining from a scrap I had and I lined the handles too for strength.

It is a workbag really but I like it very much, do you think I could use it as a handbag or would that be too eccentric? Would people give me strange looks in town ?

Have a lovely creative week!

Louise xx


  1. I am so addicted to these lovelies, I can't tell you. Have you seen any turned into a sweater/cardi. I can see it in my minds eye now. I still am trying to figure it out and get a ton in my stacks. Will keep you posted as I move along. Great mosaic.

    Kate- T.G.B.

  2. Oh Louise,
    This is absolutely beautiful. I just love it. I must be the only one who hasn't tried these flowers yet!
    It's simply stunning, it really is lovely. I lvoe the colours I love the shape. I love everything.
    I know everyone over on Flickr are so clever, and now your bag can join everyone elses!
    Hope you had a good weekend, I'm so late getting round AGAIN.
    lOVE TO YOU.

  3. You have done a fantastic job Louise. I think you would get lots of enquiries for making them if you used it in public

  4. Ooh Louise, it's gorgeous! Aren't you clever? I can just picture you floating about in one of your A-line skirts looking like such a stylish teacher.

  5. I really don´t mind you showing of my bag, I`m happy you like it :-)
    Your bag is lovely, well done!

  6. I finally was able to log on Louise....don't know what the problem is but I went through Google to find you!!!
    Anyway, your bag is lovely...these flowers are causing such a flurry of creativity aren't they. Each one is coming up with a different way to use them and all of the work is incredible.
    Thank you for including my humble addition, I hope my sister is getting use out of it....she says she is...but you know sisters!!
    See you over on Flickr or here or there (rotl)..

  7. Louise its great!!! How different as well - clever you, so creative, of course you must use it out - everyone will ask where you got it I bet!!!! Thanks for using one of my pictures. Love Kim x

  8. I love that bag!! it is lovely!!

  9. Really a beautiful bag you made!

  10. Thanks for stopping by. Keep us posted on the cardigan pattern. Still in my mind, I'm determined to make a cardi with those A.F.s. Just need to figure out how to turn a hex into a sqauare. Still working on getting enough to lay out.

    Happy Tuesday,
    Kate - T.G.B.

  11. Hi, I didn't mind you adding my bag to your collection at all. I am glad you like it.
    Your bag is lovely!
    Alessandra - just be happy. :)