Thursday, May 20, 2010

New frock and a parcel from an Angel.

Oliver and I opened a lovely parcel today from Angel as part of the good enough to eat swap. I got all the goodies from inside ...

...and Oliver got the box and a bit of ribbon.

What is it with cats and boxes ?

I have already made my house smell lovely with the cupcake melts in my oil burner.The soaps shaped like pieces of cake are fantastic. I've never seen any like them. ( Obviously I need to spend more time mooching around etsy) How clever of Angel to know just what I would like , she really is angelic!!

I've finished the spotty flowery frock I was making...

I'm really happy with it so I wore it on Sunday for the first time.

If I'm looking a bit odd in this photo it's because I was waiting for my lovely boy to work out how to use the took a while...

I'm off on a little holiday this weekend, I'll post about it next week.I hope you have a great weekend too.
Louise x


  1. Fun Swap. Cute, very very cute. You look stunning.


  2. I love your dress! Just the style that I like. What a lovely swap, so many lovely scented goodies. Have a good time on holiday!

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  3. Hi Louise,
    As I said on Flickr, your dress is beautiful, you look gorgeous!
    Have a great weekend!
    Love Suex

  4. You look lovely in your dress it suits you, love all your goodies you received, Lucey xx

  5. Louise, as I said on Flickr your dress is beautiful and you look beautiful in it! Great swap as well. I hope you have a lovely time on your little break and look forward to hearing about it when you get back x

  6. Lucky girl - a box full of yummy goodies and a beautiful new dress (what happened to hubby - he looked so cute in the other photo ☺ )

  7. So glad you liked your parcel!! I love your dress, it looks gorgeous on you!!!

  8. Hello there! Thank you leaving a kind comment on my blog. I'm glad I've found yours..... it's lovely! Oliver is certainly a very beautiful cat and your dress is gorgeous! I'll pop to say hello again soon. Ros