Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I can't resist Granny Stripes!

I saw Lucy's rainbow Granny stipe blanket and I thought "That's nice, but I have enough projects". I also remembered my Great Auntie Elsie making them just like that when I was a little girl.

My Auntie Elsie lived in Quarry Bank in what is known as The Black Country, this was a heavily indusrialised part of the Midlands in those days. Auntie lived in a bungalow with lots of crochet blankets, a real coal fire and tomatoes growing in the back garden. She had pottery hot water bottles lined up on the edge of the bath and a brown teapot with a crochet cover. That's what I remember anyway !!

My Nan used to take me to visit her and it was Auntie Elsie that taught me to crochet when I was 5 or 6. I used to make huge long chains and then I learned to join them up- it was all very free form !Later I lerned the treble , and of course how to make Granny clusters.

Auntie used to make either great big Granny Squares into a blanket or stripes. She told me that during the war she used to go to work in the parachute factory on the bus, and the women were so crammed in they couldn't knit. So they taught each other to crochet.

In my family my Nan was a whizz with her knitting needles, and Auntie with her crochet hook.Nan knew all the crochet stitches, and I remember her showing me how to do them, but it was Auntie's blankets that inspired my love of all things hooky .

Everywhere I look I see Granny stripe blankets,have you seen them all on flickr ?I began to feel just a tiny bit jealous of all that stripy lovliness. I saw more stripy love on blogs, resistance was futile...

I had some blue wool left over after making this month's SIBOL squares, so I thought I might crochet a few stripes- strictly in the interests of using up wool you understand...

On Friday I bought 5 more balls and have now completed 70 rows of my stripy blue blanket. You know how it is, I can resist anything but temptation!!!

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Have a great week

Louise xx


  1. You and I think alike. I started one too. But, mine also has a ripple to it. Love the colors you picked. Couldn't real tell until I got to the second picture. Cool. Isn't this fun. The nice thing for me, is I don't have to have on my readers.

    Kate - T.G.B.

  2. Lovely story Louise - you are right - resistance is futile!! the Granny Stripe calls!!! Your is looking lovely. Mine is coming along but I have to be a little careful, I think because it is quite big, my thumbs seem to be suffering, so my progress has slowed a little, don't think I could bear it if I had to limit the amount of crochet I do!!! Lovely to catch up with you on Ravelry if I discover "bits" I will let you know!! x

  3. the blanket you're making is going to be fabulous with those blues!

  4. I love the blues! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who couldn't resist and gave in to temptation. :)

  5. Louise I loved hearing about your family and their crafting.
    You've got to love stripes!!

  6. Your granny stripes are beautiful in blue! I'm partial to blue and those shades remind me of the many layers of color in Lake Michigan. Deep blue far out, each one getting lighter as they come into the shallows till the white waves break onshore. Beautiful!

  7. Hi louise ,Lovely to hear about your family's crafting inspiration. I love your granny stripe.
    70 rows !! you are fast :0)
    Jacquie x

  8. What a fantastic story. Your granny stripe colours are lovely

  9. What a lovely story Louise...I never had a Grandmother or Great Aunt...they were all gone a long time by the time I got here! Your blanket looks great.

  10. I love the grannystripes, and espesially in blue! But my wrists can´t take it, I have difficult making a shawl becouse of the weight, and a blanket is far to heavy.

    Really glad you found your way in to my little blog today!
    Have a nice day,


  11. Great choice of colors for your GSB. I too, will be jumping on the Lucy train. Just awaiting the arrival of the yarn. Looks like a fun project.

  12. Ohh... Temptation... it's a dreadful thing ya know... I'm still resisting... hard as it is I'm trying - some owuld say 'very' trying but I think they mean differently!!!
    I loved hearing your precious memories too... they are so wonderful to look back on & it's even more wonderful when you see something that instantly reminds you of that special person & the memories...

  13. My Husbands family live near Quarry Bank in Dudley. He is a Black Country man. We lived in Dudley when we got married 27 years ago, not far from Quarry Bank! The people over there Louise are so lovely, so friendly. The blanket is gorgeous. Everyone seems to be making them.I love the colours. Love your slippers too. have a good weekend, Love Suex