Monday, June 7, 2010

I love Granny squares ...

I love granny squares, comforting and homely as making pastry at home with your Granny.I used to love standing beside her at the kitchen table rolling out my little bit of dough.

Sorry I got distracted there for a moment! I've been experimenting with the join as you go method, but once I had joined a few I just had to carry on...
If you don't know how to do it Kim has a great tutorial here

Tippy likes to sit on anything made of crochet, nice and soft under his little black paws...

This blanket is just six squares by six with a coloured edging a few times round. Just the right size for a cat bed apparently, or for covering a lap on a chilly night.

I love doing the edges so much, it gives me a lift. Which is your favourite part of a project ? Just now I have to decide on the next project, always tricky because I have so many ideas !

I wrote a blog comment yesterday saying I would write some things about myself, I thought six sounded less ambitious than ten...

Some things about me that not mant people know ...
1- I love nuts: salted,chocolate coated,honey roasted. I love them all, especially almonds.

2- Turquoise is my favourite colour for clothes, and I like a soft sunny yellow on walls at home.

3- My favourite flower is a freesia,for me it is all about the scent and not the show. I love my room to smell delicious when I walk in.

4- My favourite film is Four Weddings and a Funeral. It's old and cheesy but it never fails to cheer me up !

5- My ambition is to see seals on the beach on the East coast of England. I see dolphins all the time but I've never seen a wild seal.

6- I like rain. I like the cool fresh feel of the air when it rains, especially the smell of rain on warm dry ground. I even like carrying my umbrella and wearing wellies.

Hope you find chance to enjoy some of the things you love this week

Louise xx

PS I'm planning my first give-away next week ,keep a look-out.


  1. Granny squares are really fun and so easy to do all kind of things out of. I am doing a tablecloth now. Now when you have written about the "join as you go" method I have a problem.... I had thought of joining my sqares with sc... I have to think this over :-)

    I love your cat, soooo cute!

    I have seen seals several times, but no dolphins here in Sweden :-)

    Have a nice day,

  2. Granny squares are great, love seeing how individuals change their looks to make them personal.
    Join as you go has been a lifesaver for me, I would have got bored with the sewing together with the large blankets, now its just part of the shapes

  3. I love them, too. What a diversity with a so simple technique...

  4. Hi Louise I love the blanket! Really pretty - and thank you for mentioning my tutorial - I hope other crocheters find it useful! I loved the six things theme - how nice to find out little snippets of blogettes! Have a good week in the sunshine. **Kim **X

  5. I love the blanket!! I have seen wild seals on the East coast of England!! It was amazing!!

  6. Love the little blanket. I'm going to Learn -to-crochet lessons in a fortnight's time. Can't wait. I've been so inspired by all the clever people I have met blogging.
    I really love your little shrug. It would be perfect for my daughter who has big shoulders from swimming which she tries to hide will little tops like that. Hope I can make something like that for her one day.

  7. Hi Louise,
    yes my hair is fine thank you.
    I'm late blog reading. I've been trying to get these last three finshed. Sorry.
    Yes I like granny squares too. I think they look great with 'textured yarn' What a difference the yarn makes.
    Love to you and thanks for visiting me.
    Hugs Suex

  8. Hi Louise, I also I love the granny square, the blanket is very cute
    I saw your blog and I love it. A few months ago with my husband visited Gibraltar
    and had a great time.
    see you soon

  9. Hi Louise, just found your lovely blog! Loved reading your answers.
    Wishing you a great weekend, will be back soon. xx

  10. Me, too! I can't imagine ice cream or a chocolate bar or brownies without nuts. Especially almonds! Love the granny squares. They ARE granny like, aren't they? And it's so easy to be overtaken by a project that we are thinking about it as we toss and turn at night.

  11. about your question on the translation for Mihaela's blog, you only need to click on her translation icon and select the language you want, it immediately translates the page. no need to copy or paste. hope it works.