Thursday, July 8, 2010

End of term

Hurray !!! School's finished for 8 weeks. I love summer holidays don't you? I don't know where or if I'm working in September, but I'll worry about that in September.For now we will be getting up late, going to the beach and enjoying the warm summer evenings.

What I'm thinking of now is sorting out my holiday stash. I need a book stash....

A wool stash ( I probably should have put that first) I'm going to make something with squares I think so it's not too hot to work and is easy to carry around.

And a magazine stash ...

I just got "Inside Crochet" today, apart from the lovely article by Sue Twins...

...there are some great patterns and look at these fab hooks- they are calling to me "order me on the net-it's ever so easy !" they say. I might have to buy them I think.

There must be some physcological reason why a stash makes me feel so happy and secure. It must be the knowledge that we can withstand a shortage(!) My Mum stashes soap and toothpaste so it may be genetic I fear.

Before I go today I want to show you Ursula's bunnies. She is very clever and makes them up as she goes along. I'm trying to persaude her to start a blog of her own but she says it's too hot! Don't worry I haven't given up. Don't you love their cute little carrots ??

Hope you have a holiday to enjoy soon!


  1. Happy Holidays!!!.............
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x x x

  2. I too like having stashes! I have stocked up on biographies. I am reading 2 at t he moment and hope to get through a few more during the summer holidays. I have a big stash of wool, I love the idea of having a lot of choice!
    The bunnies are so sweet.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Isabelle x

  3. Im like you on the stash front - its lovely just to get any stash out and "look" at it! My mum stashes stuff too - for fear of running out -maybe thats where I get it from. How lovely School is out for Summer! Enjoy the Hols Louise, its so lovely to enjoy the warmth and it certainly is warm here! x

  4. I miss having kids in the summer!! We used to have so much fun together....wasn't into stashes then....but I do understand how nice it is to have an abundance of .....well anything the little heart desires..hope your summer is the best ever...enjoy every minute of it Louise....and those three bunnies couldn't be cuter!!!
    BTW....thank you!!!

  5. Wow, 8 weeks is a long holiday. In Oz our summer school holiday is 6 weeks.
    Totally enjoyed the books by Larsson, I have read all 3 and have watched the movie of the first book. Phillipa Gregory is another fav author of mine, I haven't read that one, so must go find it
    Your stash colours are very happy colours

  6. Hello,
    Did you know that Larsson is a swedish writer? I have read a couple of books by him.
    I have gotten those hooks, I bought them on Tradera, that´s Ebay in Sweden. I got 10 hooks for only about 14 dollars.

    Have a wonderful summer!

  7. Hello Louise,
    OOh SIBOL, our Article i got so excited then! Your Mother got you a magazine I am pleased!
    Those hooks do look nice dont they? I ought to treat myself you know these hooks are the old grey ones I've had them for years, time for a change I think...
    OOh I wish I had my girls at home for that length of time. Other Mothers would long for school to begin again, but not me. I enjoyed doing things with them in the holidays.
    Little Miss Twin (1) breaks up Thursday though, so Im hoping we will do some shopping trips etc., and have a good time. Bit different though to when they were younger! I can just see you now lying on the beach while the children play around, ooh how lovely. I do hope you all enjoy yourselves.
    Check in from time to time and tell us how things are going....
    Hugs Suex

  8. WOW.. What a great stash... I don't know what I like better... the yarn or the books by Larrson. You will love, love, love them.


  9. ooooohhhh, I am jealous of that stash!

    Thanks for your comment over on my blog. I've lurked over here before on a couple of occasions!

    And colourful crochet hooks are a must - I love mine. I got mine on ebay.

    Have a great weekend