Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pink slippers

My flickr friend Room on the left sent me the link for these wonderful crochet slippers.

You can find the pattern here on the lovely goodknits blog.

They are so speedy to make, I made a pair last night watching tv. I think they need adorning with some crochet flowers ( this evenings project I think.) I adapted the pattern as my circle came out too flat and the slippers were not pointy at the front. Once I had sorted that they were a breeze. I'm fancying a stripy pair next...

It's ever so hot and humid here, so the stripy blanket has to wait for a day when it's a bit more breezy.I think another dozen rows should do it, or when the wool I have runs out whichever happens first.

I do actually do things that are not crochet related, well sometimes...
I had to go to my daughter's parents meeting today so I am currently glowing with pride. I know she is a lovely girl but it's nice to hear that other people think so too!
I'm off to a Spa in Spain on Saturday with my book club friends, complete relaxation with no husbands and no children. I love all those fluffy towels and bath robes and girls gossiping in the sauna .

I hope you have a great weekend and a chance for a little relax as well.

PS Don't forget only a few more days to enter my giveaway!!! I'm getting my mixing bowl ready for the names...


  1. looking forward to seeing the flowery flourishes you add to the pretty pink slippers.
    I was thinking stripes would be nice too...just have to decide the colours!!!
    Have a wonderful spa lucky thing!!!
    Marilyn x

  2. Oh, what lovelies, I love this shade of pink. Do enJOY your weekend, think that will be no problem at all :)

  3. thanks for the pattern link, may give them a go.

  4. Now what would you be needing slippers for when its so warm ☺ But they are cute

  5. Ha! I'm laughing at Maria's comment. It sure is cold in Australia at the moment.
    The slippers are gorgeous. I might have to follow your link and have a go at some myself. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Louise. X

  6. The pink slippers are wonderful!
    Have a very very nice weekend at the Spa!

    ~X~ Karin

  7. The slippers are lovely, thanks for the link, I'll have to give them a go I think. Enjoy the spa!

  8. I've just posted a picture of the finished slippers on flickr. Thank you for your kind comments. Louise xx

  9. I love those sweet little crochet slippers! They are so sweet. My Grandmother used to make me little crochet slippers.
    I hope that you enjoyed your relaxing spa weekend!
    Take care
    Isabelle x