Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Projects

Most of the last week has been taken up with this ...

and this ...

and a bit more of this ....

It's very hot now and the coolest place to be is on the beach.

However I have found a little time for hooky happiness...

I've finished the granny striped blanket for my boy's bed. I put this jaunty red edging on after I read a comment by Karin that everything looks better with a red edging. It seems she could be right!

I've started making granny squares for a granny square blanket. Squares don't make me hot and they are easy to carry around. It's all my usual favourite colours with the addition of red and bright pink. I want to use a red/pink edging so I want lots of those colours sprinkled through. Should have it finished by the time I come back from my holiday but I'm taking the book stash with me as well...

I'm off to Spain for 3 weeks this Saturday so Iwon't be around the blogs for a little while. I'll have a lot of catching up to do when I come back . See you soon-
"hasta luego" . xx


  1. Have a lovely holiday Louise!!
    Isn't it funny how even in the height of summer you can still yearn for yarn? Sigh!!

  2. Have a great holiday Louise....hope the weather is perfect for you....that's a great blanket you made...

  3. Hey Louise! Just love your blanket - yes, I agree, the red flash looks super.

    Have a wonderful holiday (definite Spain envy) - you deserve it.


  4. Louise,
    Just to let you know the package has arrived safe and sound! thank you so much...I will keep my camera and its bits on it and the little book....maybe a list of all the things I want to make?!
    Have a wonderful trip and take care

  5. Spain for 3 weeks...OMG, I want to be you!
    So glad I happened upon your beautiful blog. I look forward to follow along with you on life's many adventures!! :)

  6. Just wanted to catch up Louise and thank you for your good wishes 3 weeks in Spain - sounds like heaven to me!! I love the granny stripe and the red really sets if off well. Have fun and speak to you soon. **Kim**X

  7. Enjoy! Have a good time with friends and family :)
    ♥ Heidi

  8. Love the blues in that granny stripe! I do all sorts of other patterns in stripes, but have never done just a plain granny stripe. Maybe it's high time I do.

  9. I'm sure you are having a great time Louise. Lucky you!
    Hugs Suex