Sunday, August 15, 2010

Picking up the threads

Dear friends
I'm back from under my palm tree. We had 3 lovely weeks, the only decision to be made was where to put my lounger in the morning and what to eat and drink. No housework, no errands,no work!!It feels like we've been on a retreat from the real world and we're just beginning to pick up the threads. Luckily still two more weeks until early mornings,packed lunches and homework begin again.

The children, in contrast to their horizontal parents have had a very busy three weeks. There were pools to be swum in, waves to be surfed, friends to play Pool with(a new obsession), and kids club activities to join in with.

They are chilling out this weekend and recovering their energy, I hope they've had a good rest because tomorrow we go on our annual pilgrimage to buy school uniform and sensible shoes. My lovely girl is 13 now and our ideas on suitable footwear are wildly divergent.I have actually come to be glad that her school allows the wearing of trainers, at least they don't have high heels...

I haven't been able to crochet much during my holiday, just too hot and my hands were always sticky with factor 30 suncream. I'm quite in the mood now I'm back so we'll see what comes along.I also have some boring sewing projects to do...a new zip to be put in a skirt... some curtains to make...

Like I said, just starting to pick up the threads. I'm really looking forward to getting round the blogs and seeing what everyone has been up to. I'm sure that will inspire me to get my hook and yarn out later!!

Lots of love to you all.


  1. Welcome back Louise....time to get out from under the palm tree and join the rest of us in la la land!!! Glad you had a good time, we missed you round the do have lots of catching up to do!!! :) take care....

  2. Sounds like a fun time was had by all. Welcome back!

  3. Welcome back Louise. Its a happy thing to see you and yours enjoying the trip.

  4. Welcome dear Louise,
    We've missed you!
    Glad you had a nice time.
    A nice break for the family by the sounds.
    Thanks for this post,
    Hugs Suex

  5. You had a wonderful time but it's nice to be home again, isn't it? Or maybe not! The school year looms for me, too, and I'm trying to make the transition in my brain.

  6. Louise, I've never seen pics of your kids before. Your little guy is such a cutie, and that girl of yours was having a blast in the pool that day. I love it when my kids are playing with that kind of abandon! Those are the best moments.

    And I must say that your granny stripe is beautiful (I hadn't noticed it before). Looking forward to seeing those future projects!

  7. Lovely to have you back Louise! I have to say, your holiday sounds like absolute heaven. Hope your uniform shop went well - talk about back to reality with a bump! We did ours on Friday - LOATHE it! Hx

  8. Looks like a fun relaxing time was had by all. Welcome back!!

  9. Thanks for stopping by Louise.
    hope all is good for you!
    Love Suex

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