Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Gibraltar Day !

It's Gibraltar day today, and we are celebrating. My lovely boy is well on the road to recovery . He has had a very unusual bacteria which has got into a lymph gland in his neck and set up an abscess.
Of course lumps in the neck ring all kinds of alarm bells so the doctors have had to do various tests until they found out what it was. I can't tell you how relieved I am.Thank you so much to all the kind friends who left messages for me.

Today we had a lovely walk in town where every one was dressed up in red and white,we watched the release of 30,000 red and white balloons- one for every Gibraltarian!

Later we had lunch in a restaurant with tables outside, and a drive up to the top of the rock to admire the view and wish the apes a Happy National Day!

Hope you have had a happy day today too.

love Louise x


  1. Oh Louise I am so happy for you and your son - what a relief for you all I have thought about you and wondered how things were. Happy Gibraltar day - lovely to know you could celebrate in style. Kim x

  2. Louise you made my day. I just finished THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNET'S NEST and Lisbet...icks...well, she ends the trilogy in Gibraltar. Now with your pictures the whole story comes to life for me. Did you see THE GIRL with the DRAGON TATOO at the festival?

    Glad to hear you all are on the road to recovery.

    Have a splendid weekend,

  3. The best news ever! Yes, enjoy your weekend and sneak in an extra hug for your son from all of us out here in bloggerland.

  4. Hi Louise,
    Thanks for stopping by.
    I was sorry to read your Son has not been too well, I do hope he continues to improve. OOh its lovely being a Mom, but when our children are unwell, we don't feel like doing anything do we? They are the most important people in our lives. Wishing him a complete speedy recovery.

    I have been reading your previous posts. I absolutely love your little creative area, ooh it's delightful! What a pretty place to work in.
    I apologise for not stopping by, this was not intentional. I have been getting the blankets ready and getting nervous at the same time I add! Everything went very well, and we came out on a high!
    Thanks very much for your wonderful comments, Louise. I promise to get back into the blogging routine a bit better!
    Love Suex

  5. Thanks for your kind comments on Mrs Twins Louise!
    Hugs Suex

  6. Hope you have had a wonderful day, Louise. That last picture is awesome!
    Happy hugs for a lovely Sunday xoxoxo

  7. Seems a perfect day for celebrating for both country and your family. Wonderful news for your son and your family

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  9. Hi Louise,
    please sorry if I bore you again, but I have sent to you an email yesterday but I think you have not receive it!
    I would like to ask you if there is in Gibraltar a shop where I can buy an Ashford spinning wheel, or another kind of spinning wheel. May you help me?
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    Again many many thanks for you kind patience


  10. Thank you for entering my giveaway, I threw the Louise-notes in the big bowl. Fingers crossed for YOU!
    Have a lovely Sunday evening and a happy week. xxx

  11. Hi there, glad to hear your son is getting better, must be a huge relief for you.

    Just a reminder (I know you've had other things to think about) but you haven't sent me your address yet for me to send you the runner up giveaway prize...

  12. Hi, just to let you know I got your email now. Hotmail seem to have done an update and I'm presently unable to send emails, hence I'm cluttering up your comments again.
    Hope all is well with your son,