Sunday, November 28, 2010

Advent Traditions

It's only a few days until the beginning of December so I have been scrabbling about in difficult to reach cupboards where baby photos and Christmas decorations live. It's not time for full on fairy lights and Christmas trees, but our family tradition is to bring out the CDs, DVDs, story books and Advent calenders for the first of December.

First is the Playmobil Calender.

Each little animal is returned to its numbered box in January ready to join the scene for Christmas. I'll take another photo when it fills up.

It really is a beauty. I bought it for the Christmas after my lovely girl was born while I was working in Germany.

The second I made from a pre-printed fabric the same year and I fill the pockets with sweeties and small gifts. It hangs at the end of the kitchen. Of course since lovely boy came along two chocs need to fit in each pocket.

I'll leave you with a photo of the woolly baubles, I have another commission for yet more- who would have thought they would be so popular ? I've made 20 already!

Louise xx

Ps You can find the pattern at Meet me at Mike's

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Feling Festive Part 2

It's the Convent Christmas fair today. I should make it plain that the Convent is the official residence of the Governor of Gibraltar and not a residence of nuns. I believe it was , but hundreds of years ago.It's a beautiful old building and our table has been set up in the ballroom.

The arts and crafts Association put together a table of Christmas cheer and hand-made goodness. I put out my woolly baubles and trees and they've sold well. I even have a commission for 10 more woolly balls ( stop being naughty) . I never quite got to make the wreaths but there's another craft fair coming soon and another month to go. Surely I can get at least one done ?

Of course I couldn't resist buying a few lovelies for myself...

Yummy chutney , the flavour sounds strange but is reputedly delicious...

Notelets with a painting of the Garrison Library ( another grand old building)

Fab robin ( I wish I had the patience for paper pulp)...

Alas the plate of cakes and goodies didn't last long enough for a photo !!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Feeling Festive

It seems that Christmas is in the air all over blogland. I have seen lovely Christmas wreaths...( Handmade with love)

Crochet baubles ...( Meet me at Mike's)

I want to make some of these lovely trees to make into a garland too. ( The Royal Sisters)

So it seems the right time to share with you my Christmas card progress. This year I have made two original embroideries, next I will take them to the printers to be reduced and copied onto card.I get them for 30 something pence each. Hey presto, original, cheap and quick !

Now I think of it , jingle needs some gold sequins to finish it off, I'll do that this evening...

I've been doing some supply teaching this week in school so I have sung "Away in a Manger" for the first time this year. You know Christmas is coming when 5 year olds are asking you " What is a manger anyway ?"

Hope you are feeling festive wherever you are and that you have a festive project to work on too.
love Louise x

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Feeling better...

Dear Friends

You are so kind to send me messages even when I have been away so much.It makes me feel warm all over to know there is so much kindness around. Things have been pretty grim and I just couldn't write. Lovely boy is still not in the clear but he is well enough to be in school- so life is kind of moving on again. I have been feeling a bit low and not really in the mood for doing much, I haven't been making or baking, and hardly even seeing my friends( most unususal). If you have had any very stressful times you will probably know just how I was feeling.

However, we went away for a little holiday last week in the mountains. We went for lots of walk and ate lovely food and really got away from hospital appointments and medical things.I am feeling so much better that when we came back I was tempted by some lovely yarn. The shade is called heather and it shades between grey, cream,lilac and pink. My daughter wanted a hat for her skiiing trip which is coming up soon so I was inspired to get out my knitting needles.

Knitting !! It's true , I can occasionally be tempted to play with yarn and two needles instead of my trusty hook. This is what I made her- I persauded her to model it for you. Apparently hats with ear flaps are IT at the moment. She has shown me her magazines and it appears to be true. All mad if you ask me, but she does look very cute.

Well just fiddling around with a bit of knitting seems to have got my creative side back , and I have started working on my granny stripes again.
I have also been making a couple of simple cot quilts for the hospital.

I have even started to make my Christmas cards , I'll show you them next time. In the next few days I'm going to be pottering around the blogs and seeing what you are all up to. It's so nice to be back with you all.

Thank you all again

lots of love

Louise xx