Thursday, November 25, 2010

Feling Festive Part 2

It's the Convent Christmas fair today. I should make it plain that the Convent is the official residence of the Governor of Gibraltar and not a residence of nuns. I believe it was , but hundreds of years ago.It's a beautiful old building and our table has been set up in the ballroom.

The arts and crafts Association put together a table of Christmas cheer and hand-made goodness. I put out my woolly baubles and trees and they've sold well. I even have a commission for 10 more woolly balls ( stop being naughty) . I never quite got to make the wreaths but there's another craft fair coming soon and another month to go. Surely I can get at least one done ?

Of course I couldn't resist buying a few lovelies for myself...

Yummy chutney , the flavour sounds strange but is reputedly delicious...

Notelets with a painting of the Garrison Library ( another grand old building)

Fab robin ( I wish I had the patience for paper pulp)...

Alas the plate of cakes and goodies didn't last long enough for a photo !!


  1. Hello Louise,
    Nice to see you are out and about!
    I love this time of year, craft fairs are just so much fun!
    Love to see what every one makes.
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Love Suex

  2. The table looked lovely and sounds like all went well. My great Aunt was a nun (few in the family actually) and loved to visit there especially at Christmas as they would have the Convent decked out so nicely and all of the best goodies were laid out.

  3. Louise your table set up looks great! I'd love to see more of those woolly balls. they need a new, less woolly-ballish name though. but perhaps that's a selling point...

    what a cute little bird! one day i will make one of those!

  4. I love your purchases. The chutney sounds delicious. I once made curried banana soup!! It was surprisingly good.

  5. Gorgeous festive treasures are these. Lots of festive vibes are in the air all around the globe, and I love it!
    Have a glorious weekend. xxxx