Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pay it forward giveaway !

There is still time to leave me a comment and I will pay forward a little bit of love . I received my parcel from Kimbles few days ago and I am preparing three parcels myself. Here are a couple of little photos but I think this giveaway is going to be a surprise...

Are you curious ?

Wishing you Comfort and Joy this Christmas.
Louise xx

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pay It Forward ....

I just received a parcel from the postman. ( One of my favourite things, even not tied up with string....I love whiskers on cats as well...sorry I seem to have strayed into the Sound of Music !)

It turned out to be a fabulous handmade pot holder from Kimbles

Isn't it a beauty ??

And a heart shaped decoration for my Christmas tree....

It is sooo beautifully made, as you can see.

I'm not sure where the paying it forward began but I am honoured to receive such lovely tokens of friendship , especially at this time of year. I am thrilled to be able to continue this chain of good will. Leave me a comment and I will put your name in Santa's hat on Christmas Day and send three of you a little bit of Handmade in Gibraltar's stitching and making in time for the dark January days when the parcels have finished arriving.

Have a lovely week

Louise xx

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Keeping Warm and Cosy

Temperatures are set to fall both here and in UK tomorrow, we have a low of only 5 degrees forecast. I can hear you shouting "that's not cold !" , but we have no central heating here so it feels definitely nippy ! We are also off to UK shortly for some post Christmas jollying so we are getting in practice.
I have been hat making, I seem to be a bit obsessed I'm afraid...

I bought more wool yesterday with the idea of making a hat and scarf for myself, my daughter claimed these two as being " ideal for skiing "!
She has been wanting a knitted hot water bottle cover from Marks and Spencer so I made her this one,

I can make up patterns in crochet better than with knitting.

If you want to make one...

... make a chain long enough to wrap round the hot water bottle and join it into a circle, treble into each chain all the way round and join with a slip stitch. Keep making rows of trebles until you have a tube large enough to cover most of the bottle. I double crocheted through both layers to close the bottom. Then I started working round the top closing the sides and working round the neck increasing and decreasing to make it fit. Finally I made 2 trebles in each of the trebles in the top row to make a bit of a frill at the top. Easy !! You didn't need a pattern either did you ?

Thinking of patterns , I followed a link from Karin to this super pattern site. It makes me so happy to keep looking at it every few days and see the new patterns that have been opened as advent progresses. I made Santa's little helper from one of their patterns, it was very nice and clear too. Isn't he sweet ?

I hope you keep cosy if you are having cold weather,if it's sunny...enjoy !!

Louise xx

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happiness in small things

I've been pottering around blogland this afternoon and sending comments to friends old and new and thinking how happy I feel to read about all the things that make other people feel happy. From chocolates to Christmas trees and craft projects, it's a wonderful world isn't it?

So I decided to share a few things that are making me happy in Gibraltar today.

I have a pile of fresh oranges on a plate on my table. They have just come into season and are so fresh and juicy they can't be eaten in polite company. You need a plate and a pile of tissues and still have to clean up afterwards !

My Christmas cards are all written and ready to post. Most will have to battle with the snow in UK but some are staying here in Gibraltar and a few winging their way to more far flung friends.

I have put up my Christmas decorations, I love to be re-united with these old friends I haven't seen all year don't you? My daughter has inherited my enthusiasm and shrieks " I forgot about the snowman that holds the stars !" even more excitedly than I do ( poor neighbours ..)

Christmas Carols always make me happy too. I love listening but most of all I love singing along. Have I told you I sing in a choir ? We are performing on Friday night in St Michael's Cave with the regiment band. I will try and remember to take photos.

It's a great thing to think of happy things- it has taken my mind off the list of "things I haven't done yet for Christmas "

Wishing you happiness too

Louise x