Friday, April 30, 2010

Post Office Fun

I love parcels...I love sending and receiving. This is the parcel that arrived today all the way from Australia. The postman was very interested by the post-mark. I don't suppose he sees many like this.

This was part of Foxes Lane pincushion swap so I had a fair idea what would be in the parcel...

Such fun !!

Not just a very pretty pin cushion...

But a lovely needle book / project holder as well...

Don't you love the bunting...and those lovely colour and print combinations...

Thank you so much to the lovely Jacqueline who sent these to me. Her blog is called zippyzippyworld and is packed full of her makes.( please can someone clever tell me how to just put "here" and make a link, I wish I knew how to do that !)

The postman also had a Boden Catalogue for me. I've been doing that thing that I like to do with catalogues, turning down the corners of all the pages I like the most- quite a lot actually- before I finally select the one T-shirt that I will really order. I have the pages turned down to about 200 pounds worth of goodies!

I'm really loving this cheerful dress...

I think I might do a Handmade in Gibraltar version of this one ...You may remember I made a winter skirt with circles, I fancy something a bit more colourful now the sun is finally shining.

When I had finished opening post and folding down corners I had a little wrapping up session.

These little parcels are to send to "Kissed by an angel" as part of the Good Enough to Eat swap. Sorry to only show them wrapped but I don't want to spoil Angel's suprise.

They are all ready to take to the post office...

Well, I happened to have a box that is just the right size- don't you love re-cycling ?

Have a great week

Louise xx

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy things

I thought I didn't have anything to post about today but it turns out I can think of lots of happy things to write about...

1....School is going well, it feels more normal, the children are responding well to me , all in all it's great. I am a bit stressy because I've been so busy but I'm working through it. When I'm feeling stressy I try and find time to look at the sky. It's very calming because when I am busy I look down all the time- always thinking of what I have to do next. Try really works.

2...I have a lovely bunch of frilly tulips from Mr Morrison, what a lot of beauties !

3...I've got a lovely new frock from Monsoon which I wore for a Christening on Saturday, I wore it with a lilac cardi. Sorry -this is turning into a shopping blog !

4...I've been experimenting with bamboo yarn, I made this lovely lacy doily the other day, don't know what for ...yet...

(It looks a bit of a strange shape here but it is round in real life !)

5...I have a really nice piece of material and a vintage pattern, I just need a little time to make it up !

6...It's a long weekend this weekend for Mayday. It's meant to be something about Worker's Day isn't it. I like to think of girls in white dresses with wands of May blossom- do they still do that ? Anyway, I'm very happy to have a 3 day weekend to enjoy with my family.

Hope you find time to enjoy the sky as well.

Love Louise xxx

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Working Woman

I am adjusting to a new rhythm in my life,after 8 months of having my shower after I've got the children off to school, I'm now leaving the house at 8am (ouch). However I am loving my new class , they are very sweet and lots of fun- I wish I could show you a picture of their smiling faces. You will just have to imagine !There are 30 of them aged around 4.
We are still getting to know each other but I am working with two great teaching assistants who know how all the routines, they keep me in line !
I have also decided to hang in there with the liner port and the Arts and Craft shop in the afternoons. I took 6 of the T-shirts I posted about recently to the liner port shop on Sunday and sold 3 in the first 2 hours.Yippee....!!!

At last... I might even make some money from my craft business....
The Oceania was in today- what a huge ship. One lovely American gentleman told me he was with his "chronologically challenged " friends. They had been cruising for 5 weeks...I want to do that when I am "chronologically challenged"!

In response to Kimbles' posting about her workspace, I am posting a couple of pictures of my "Creative Space". This is where I write my letters to you, I admit to a little tidying up before I took the photo! If you notice the very large dictionaries below the desk, my hubbie is a translator, they are his "tools of the trade". The computer is tucked into a corner of our sitting room because I don't like the kids going on-line where I can't see what they are up to.

This is my space where I make things, it has a nice bright light over it, a good view of the tv...and a cat...

My tools of the trade all tuck nicely into my crochet basket!
Louise xx

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Job

I have to tell you my exciting news...I've just been offered a job as Nursery Class Teacher at a local school starting on Thursday. I'm really pleased as I've been doing supply since September and never know if I will be working or not. This job is really perfect for me because it's my favourite age group and it's mornings only. That leaves me lots of time to do the other things I like...hoovering, ironing...

Were you worried ? Did you think I had turned out to be rather odd ? No, I will have plenty of time for sewing, crochet, and meeting my friends for tea ! Perfect !

I will have to scale down my craft business a little and I won't be able to do the liner port but the regular income will make family life easier. I do think I have learned a lesson about how much money I wasted when I was working full time. I have spent the last 8 months not working regularly and the purchases I make now are much more special and I tend to delay them until I really need them. I hope I can take that lesson forward and not go back to my profligate ways!

I had coffee with my friend Ursula this morning, she brought me a lovely bunch of flowers picked from her garden this morning. The wisteria is heavenly isn't it? There's also a lot of lemon geranium which is senting the whole room.

She has also lent me some new books.

Another friend gave me some last weekend so now I have a very satisfying pile just waiting to be read.I'm going to start with Comfort Food I think.

The flower blanket project is still rumbling along in the background,, I have spells of making squares and spells of sewing up and sewing in the pesky little ends. I would like it to be square eventually...ideally.
It began as a "stash busting " blanket but it has been so effective I now have to buy more wool in order to finish it. One step forwad and one back I think ...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Holidays

I've been trying not to spend time pottering about on the computer this week. The children are at home and we've been out and about , and when we are at home I have to wrestle the laptop from their hands!It's been a busy week...

We had a great time visiting the Easter processions in Spain, it's such a wonderful atmosphere. The hooded penitents look a bit fearsome but it's an ancient tradition of anonymity and nothing sinister. The young men carrying the statues are inspiring with their determination and stamina...most processions last 6 hours or more...

We've been to visit friends in Malaga, the photo below is the view from their apartment.Such a lovely city.Our friends have made the difficult decision to move back to England. Their son and our boy are the best of friends so we are making the most of their time together.

I've taught a class at the Arts and Crafts Centre for children , we had a messy but lovely time making cards

Last and best of all, it's strawberry season.They are only 50 cents more for a box, and there's twice the amount of a punnet. Tonight we are having them for pudding then tomorrow I am making strawberry ice cream. Strawberry heaven !

Hope your Easter break has been full of good things and happiness. I will be back to visiting blogs and saying hello when the kids go back to school.
Louise x