Thursday, May 27, 2010

Prayers needed...

Dear friends
I learned yesterday that our good friend with whom we just enjoyed a magnificent weekend died tragically in a car crash on Tuesday. His wife and children are having a terrible time , we are so shocked and sad I can't really write about it. Please remember them in your prayers. Thank you so much .
Louise xx

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend in Tarifa

We just had such a great weekend I can't wait to tell you all about it.

We rented a farmhouse or cortijo with another family and spent the weekend chilling out and eating and enjoying this most marvellous house.

Everything was very old and beautiful( it even had old family photos ) it felt like the owners had just popped out for a while. The sleeping accommodation was in two separate wings with their own bathrooms so it was ideal for two families to share.

We love to barbecue so that took care of the eating fiddling about with the fire and women making salads...usual barbecue arrangements at our house!

The kids were able to run free, it was like the Famous Five, they even adopted the dog from the farm next door.

The boys found some bamboo canes and bits of broken perspex that they made spears out of ( terribly un-PC ...sorry). Then they found bits of wood to whittle with their pen knives...

Remarkably we didn't even have to visit the local A&E once!

The farmer warned them not to go in the fields with the vacas bravas - fierce cows, and now I find my digital camera has been filled up with pictures of fierce cows taken by 5 curious children.

Hopefully they were on the other side of the fence when they took this !

I'm off to catch up on some washing...

love Louise x

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New frock and a parcel from an Angel.

Oliver and I opened a lovely parcel today from Angel as part of the good enough to eat swap. I got all the goodies from inside ...

...and Oliver got the box and a bit of ribbon.

What is it with cats and boxes ?

I have already made my house smell lovely with the cupcake melts in my oil burner.The soaps shaped like pieces of cake are fantastic. I've never seen any like them. ( Obviously I need to spend more time mooching around etsy) How clever of Angel to know just what I would like , she really is angelic!!

I've finished the spotty flowery frock I was making...

I'm really happy with it so I wore it on Sunday for the first time.

If I'm looking a bit odd in this photo it's because I was waiting for my lovely boy to work out how to use the took a while...

I'm off on a little holiday this weekend, I'll post about it next week.I hope you have a great weekend too.
Louise x

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The African flower bag.

I have been browsing around on flickr and I have been inspired by all of these lovely bags. If you click here you can go to my flickr gallery and see all the origionals and follow the photo streams of all the clever creators.

They are made by...
Mia ( 4 and 5)
eclectic gypsyland (1)
room on the left (6)
frualbertssons (3)
just be happy crochet(2)
kimbles (8)
dutzie (9)
Elizabeth cat (7)

I have examined all the shapes, patterns,linings,handles,edgings- I love them all- but I didn't want to copy any one of them.

I joined the hexagons using a double crochet seam on the reverse, and made a front and bag of approximately the right size and shape,

then joined some hexagons at the sides so that you can see half from each side. I found that quite hard to sort out for some reason.

I worked an edging using all the colours from the flowers, the edging carries on into the handles, which was something I wanted to incorporate.

I added a lining from a scrap I had and I lined the handles too for strength.

It is a workbag really but I like it very much, do you think I could use it as a handbag or would that be too eccentric? Would people give me strange looks in town ?

Have a lovely creative week!

Louise xx

Sunday, May 9, 2010

African flowers and train rides

I saw that lots of people I know had been making African Flowers from Elizabeth Cat's pattern so I thought well I'll make one, it looks fun. Did you see Kim here making African Flowers? I'm so happy I can do that linking thing now!!
Well... one was okay but I thought it would look better with 4ply wool and a smaller I went wool shopping...only 5 balls....very reasonable...

So I began to experiment with colour combinations, always keeping white on the outside, and I can't tell you how much I love them. I've been making them watching the election coverage, on the bus, on the train ( more about that in a moment), and watching Avatar this afternoon. I'm possibly the last person in the world to see this film and I'm not a big fan of sci-fi special effects but I admit I was hooked, so hooked I even had to put down an African Flower!

So now I have a lovely pile of African Flowers, no more than 2 the same but all in the same 5 colours.

I can spread them out, or pile them up and play with them for hours. But now I have to decide what to make with them...

I have seen lovely bags at the African Flower flickr group here ( sorry I'm showing off now),A hexagonal cushion would be nice like the one that Karin made...
Maybe a blanket...I do like making them! Please let me know any good ideas.

Yesterday I went to Benojan which is about an hour away on a little train.

We had a lovely lunch in a hotel there, we went with my husband's immediate family, just the 17 of us(!) It was quite a logistic task getting everyone on the train and sat down then off again at the right stop... especially as the group included a baby in a pram and two octagenarians .

However we arrived and had lunch, the sun shone, the flowers were blooming, the stream was crashing over the rocks ( all that rain has had huge effect on normally quiet streams and rivers).

It was a perfectly lovely day.I even managed a few African Flowers on the journey!

Hope your weekend has been lovely too.
Louise xx