Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I can't resist Granny Stripes!

I saw Lucy's rainbow Granny stipe blanket and I thought "That's nice, but I have enough projects". I also remembered my Great Auntie Elsie making them just like that when I was a little girl.

My Auntie Elsie lived in Quarry Bank in what is known as The Black Country, this was a heavily indusrialised part of the Midlands in those days. Auntie lived in a bungalow with lots of crochet blankets, a real coal fire and tomatoes growing in the back garden. She had pottery hot water bottles lined up on the edge of the bath and a brown teapot with a crochet cover. That's what I remember anyway !!

My Nan used to take me to visit her and it was Auntie Elsie that taught me to crochet when I was 5 or 6. I used to make huge long chains and then I learned to join them up- it was all very free form !Later I lerned the treble , and of course how to make Granny clusters.

Auntie used to make either great big Granny Squares into a blanket or stripes. She told me that during the war she used to go to work in the parachute factory on the bus, and the women were so crammed in they couldn't knit. So they taught each other to crochet.

In my family my Nan was a whizz with her knitting needles, and Auntie with her crochet hook.Nan knew all the crochet stitches, and I remember her showing me how to do them, but it was Auntie's blankets that inspired my love of all things hooky .

Everywhere I look I see Granny stripe blankets,have you seen them all on flickr ?I began to feel just a tiny bit jealous of all that stripy lovliness. I saw more stripy love on blogs, resistance was futile...

I had some blue wool left over after making this month's SIBOL squares, so I thought I might crochet a few stripes- strictly in the interests of using up wool you understand...

On Friday I bought 5 more balls and have now completed 70 rows of my stripy blue blanket. You know how it is, I can resist anything but temptation!!!

If you haven't signed up for my giveaway on the previous post, it is staying open until the 5th July, join me as a follower and tell me what you would like to win.

Have a great week

Louise xx

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Give-away !

I've been thinking about doing one of these for a little while, but then I felt a bit shy...and then I couldn't think what you might want to receive.

However- I've put together these little gifts for your enjoyment ,one for the compulsive crochet disorder sufferers (we have a lovely support group over on flickr), and one for those who just like pretty things.

For crochet addicts- a little case for your hooks, and a copy of the shrug pattern that I enjoyed so much.

For lovers of pretty things-a notebook adorned with Spanish ladies in their corsets from an old advertisement and this little tray which I think is adorable. I wish I'd got one for myself it would be so handy to keep my glasses and my scissors on when I'm making things. It could be handy on the dressing table too.

It's easy to enter, just leave me a comment and sign up as a follower. Don't forget to tell me which you would like to win. I'm very happy to post to anywhere so don't be shy if you live in Australia or somewhere even further away ( is there such a place ?) I have chosen things that are as light as can be !

I'll leave you with these beautiful passion flowers from my frind Ursula's garden, she gave me four, one for each of us. They are so beautiful but sadly only last one day...

I will pick a winner on the 5th July( My Mum's birthday).

Have a lovely weekend

Louise x

Monday, June 7, 2010

I love Granny squares ...

I love granny squares, comforting and homely as making pastry at home with your Granny.I used to love standing beside her at the kitchen table rolling out my little bit of dough.

Sorry I got distracted there for a moment! I've been experimenting with the join as you go method, but once I had joined a few I just had to carry on...
If you don't know how to do it Kim has a great tutorial here

Tippy likes to sit on anything made of crochet, nice and soft under his little black paws...

This blanket is just six squares by six with a coloured edging a few times round. Just the right size for a cat bed apparently, or for covering a lap on a chilly night.

I love doing the edges so much, it gives me a lift. Which is your favourite part of a project ? Just now I have to decide on the next project, always tricky because I have so many ideas !

I wrote a blog comment yesterday saying I would write some things about myself, I thought six sounded less ambitious than ten...

Some things about me that not mant people know ...
1- I love nuts: salted,chocolate coated,honey roasted. I love them all, especially almonds.

2- Turquoise is my favourite colour for clothes, and I like a soft sunny yellow on walls at home.

3- My favourite flower is a freesia,for me it is all about the scent and not the show. I love my room to smell delicious when I walk in.

4- My favourite film is Four Weddings and a Funeral. It's old and cheesy but it never fails to cheer me up !

5- My ambition is to see seals on the beach on the East coast of England. I see dolphins all the time but I've never seen a wild seal.

6- I like rain. I like the cool fresh feel of the air when it rains, especially the smell of rain on warm dry ground. I even like carrying my umbrella and wearing wellies.

Hope you find chance to enjoy some of the things you love this week

Louise xx

PS I'm planning my first give-away next week ,keep a look-out.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crochet shrug project...Comfort Stitching

Thank you for your prayers, you are so kind. It never ceases to amaze me what a lot of goodness there is in the world.Bless you all.

I bought this pattern a little while ago, even though I may have muttered somrthing in the past about not never buying patterns again. It looked so sweet, just the thing to wear with a summer dress. Possibly I thought I might look 18 again like the model in the picture...

It turned out to be easier than I'd imagined , just a rectangle with a fancy edging sewn together under the arms.

The stitch was loose and open so it grew quickly. It turned out to be the comorting, mindless kind of stitching which is just right when you have heard bad news and are feeling rather sensitive. Comfort stitching I call it !

In just a few evenings,I had whizzed up this lovely little number. Perfect for wearing over something strappy, especially as summer is creeping in.

Now it is finished I am wishing I had made it a size smaller, I would have liked a closer fit. However I have realised the potential for making rectangles using other stitches and patterns with other edgings; as long as it joins under the arms it will work. It could be an interesting way to use African Flowers couldn't it !

Louise xx